"RoX is like the ultimate...version of rock, paper, scissors. I love this game!"

- Akshana, Pittsburgh, PA

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RoX Intro

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Meet Aidan!

RoX is more than Rock, Paper, Scissors

Helpful Hints from Aidan, RoX Master

#1) If you form 2 shapes ( ie. Rock and Scissors ) you will always be closer to victory
#2) To help win a battle, a good thing to have is the ability to form a shape no matter what your opponent may form.
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Why Play RoX?

Rox is easy to learn and fun to play at all skill levels. Players will quickly discover that forming moves based on your opponents action builds knowledge in RoX strategy. Your style and skill of play will constantly evolve the more you play. This is the beauty of RoX. Keep in mind that there is no "luck" in winning a RoX match! Players of all ages can play against each other and still feel like they have played a good match.

Is RoX For Me?

According to Aidan the thrill of RoX is that all players can have FUN-TIMES using strategy without having to sit down for hours in front of a complicated board-game like Chess. You still have to play each battle carefully. However, unlike Chess it's not the end of the match if you make one wrong move.

Future Releases

After RoX's debut, we hope to bring other games to mobile, including:
BumperCar Basketball
Odds vs. Evens
Bleachers Baseball

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